Where to buy

Within New Zealand the Harraways Branded Oats range is available at participating, local New World, Pak N Save, Four Square, Countdown, Super Value and Fresh Choice supermarkets.


1. If you wish to visit and buy from your local grocery store and want to gain ranging status of certain stocked Harraways products at that store and before you head there, please email info@harraways.co.nz and our helpful team would be very happy to check into whether a certain Harraways sku is presently stocked there and email you back.


2. You can also buy now via Countdown online. Below are some links to help you do this:


Harraways Sachets 

Harraways Rolled Oats (Bags)​

Harraways Wholegrain Oats (Bags) 

Harraways Steel Cut Oats (Bags)    

Harraways Immunity Blackcurrant Spiced Apple Bag ​  

Harraways Less Sugar Raspberry Coconut Bag    



For any enquiries about where or how to buy Harraways products in export markets, or domestically - as a commercial (bulk) transaction – please email info@harraways.co.nz and the helpful team will point you in the right direction.


Thanks for your support. The Harraways Team.