Refreshing Creamy Green Smoothie
A quick and filling smoothie recipe
5 minutes

Made with Harraways
Simply Original
Made with Harraways
Almond, Chia & Linseed
• ½ frozen banana
• ½ cup frozen mango or 1 kiwifruit
• ¼ avocado (when not in season replace with 1 Tbsp tahini or nut butter)
• 1 handful spinach or kale (kale has a stronger flavour so if you are new to green smoothies it would be best to try with spinach)
• Few mint leaves
• Piece cucumber about 4 cm long chopped into chunks
• 2 dessertspoons unsweetened Greek yoghurt
• ½ cup Harraways Oat-activ Oats (Simply Original or Almond, Chia & Linseed)
• 6 ice cubes
• ½ cup milk (dairy, almond, soy)
Put everything into a blender and blend until smooth (you will need to blend longer than usual to make sure the greens are blended).