Lactation Balls
with Rolled Oats
10 minutes
16 minutes

Made with Harraways
Rolled Oats
• 1 ½ cups of pitted dates (or can use prunes to help with being regular or dried apricots)
• ¾ cup boiling water to soak and soften dates
• ¼ cup of ground flaxseed (also known as linseed)
• 1 cup of rolled oats
• 2 Tbsp brewer’s yeast
• 2 Tbsp pumpkin seeds (or can use chopped nuts such as brazil, cashew, almond etc.)
• 2 Tbsp sunflower seeds (or can use chopped nuts)
• ½ cup milk powder or protein powder
• Desiccated coconut to roll balls in
Lactating mothers require highly nutritious food for milk production. Oats are a high source of protein essential in a mother's diet. Harraway's lactation balls is a quick and easy recipe that is both delicious and heathy for lactating mums!

In a small bowl soak dates in boiled water for 10 minutes to soften them. Add all ingredients (except coconut) to a blender and blend until combined. Sprinkle desiccated coconut on a plate and roll a heaped dessert spoon of mixture into a ball. Store in fridge or freezer.

Variation: Can mix in by hand chopped dark chocolate, nuts, seeds just before rolling in coconut for a chunky mixture. Can be eaten when you sit down to breastfeed with a filled water bottle.