Banana Bread Pancakes
with Easy Cook Oats
5 minutes
15 minutes
6 pancakes

Made with Harraways
Easy Cook Oats
• 3/4 cup oats, blended into flour
• 1 tbsp coconut sugar or brown sugar
• 1 tsp baking powder
• 1/2 tsp cinnamon
• 1/8 tsp or pinch salt
• 2 tbsp spelt flour or rice flour or all purpose flour
• 1 large ripe banana, mashed
• 1 egg
• 20g butter or coconut oil, melted
• 1/2 tsp vanilla
• 1/4 cup milk or almond milk
• Optional: 1/3 cup choc chips
1. Add oats into a blender and blend until a flour consistency.
2. Whisk dry ingredients together to combine. Whisk mashed banana, egg, butter, vanilla and milk together.
3. Combine wet and dry ingredients together until a smooth batter.
4. Heat pan on a medium-low heat, cook for 2.5 mins per side.
5. Optional: Top with maple syrup, vanilla yogurt, grilled banana coins.