Other Grains

Harraways defines a commercial customer as a customer who buys large commercial quantities (tonnes) of cereal and or flaked grains. It does not see such a customer as one who buys in smaller quantities (kgs) simply for personal consumption.

Harraways Red Wheat Flakes

Red Wheat Flakes 20kg

Flakes produced by rolling red wheat kernels.
Harraways Barley Flakes

Barley Flakes 20kg

Lightly pearled barley, steamed and rolled to give a rich tender flake with a wholesome texture and flavour.
Harraways Barley Ground

Barley Ground 20kg

Lightly pearled barley, ground.
Harraways Rye Flakes

Rye Flakes 20kg

Flakes produced by rolling ryecorn kernels.
Harraways Ground Oat Flour

Ground Rye 20kg

Lightly dressed Ryecorn, ground.