From 1867…quite a story!

Harraways Mill, c. 1890s. c/o Toitu Otago Settlers Museum Collections, Dunedin, Ref. 72_26-0

1867 – Allan King and Daniel Forrest established the Otago Mill on the present site. 


The Harraways 11 in 1898. c/o Toitu Otago Settlers Museum Collections, Dunedin, Ref. E393-2


The Company dissolved and leased to Henry Harraway who had 21 children with his wife Catherine.

11 of the boys created ‘The Harraways 11 cricket team’! 


Late 1800's to early 1900's

The Harraways Mill Building constructed in 1889. c/o Toitu Otago Settlers Museum Collections, Dunedin, Ref. CS.10210-1

This period was punctuated by new roller machinery installations, enabling 1000 ton per annum processing capability, although two plant fires required rebuilding during this period as well.

Enter the Hudsons

1944 - Charles Hudson (son of Richard) buys Harraway and Sons Ltd

1955 – Harraways buys the Wilkie Mill at Mosgiel  - flour mill

1958 – Harraways buys Cadbury Fry Hudsons Planet Flour Mills and transfers production to Green Island. Sales of 10,000 tons annually & now the largest flour mill in Otago Southland

1960 – Charles Hudson’s son Frank, develops the first grain drying service to wheat growers in Otago

Late 20th Century Developments

In 1981 the new mill's construction was completed and opened. Then in 1989 with the commissioning of the new flour and oat processing equipment. 

Progress within the 21st Century

By 2004 the original office and flour mill building had been demolished, and an additional production area, including staff facilities, was constructed. In 2005 a strategic decision was made to exit flour and stock feed. Now the prime focus for the business is on oat cereals, and flaked grains. Further plant investments were made to support this strategy (e.g. construction of undercover loading bay, additional storage and installing additional boilers, and more recently a full second processing line). In 2016 further land adjacent to the current mill site was purchased, to facilitate further mill & warehouse expansion and enable planned business growth.



Harraways celebrated 150 years of operation in 2017, with exciting new ranges!

This included the launch of two celebration Oat Singles packs – ‘Birthday Berry Bonanza’ and
‘Coconut, Cranberry & Chia Celebration’.



In the same year, Harraways launches a world first in LDL cholesterol management – Harraways Oat-activ®.

The ‘Simply Original’ variant wins a silver award judged by a number of New Zealand’s key food critics in the ‘Earth Food’ category in early 2018.



Harraways also picks up ‘Best Cereal’ award at 2018 Healthy Food Guide Awards for its’ newly launched 280g

Easy Cook Oats pack.



 Harraways launches the next evolution of logo and product range!



In 2022 the accolades keep coming!

- Rolled Oats 800g was Healthy Food Guide Magazine Awards NZ – BEST CEREAL Winner.


- Blackcurrant Spiced Apple (WITH ZINC & IRON) won gold at the NZ Artisan Awards.


- Strawberry and Cream LESS SUGAR won Bronze at the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards.


In 2023 Harraways Steel Cut Oats shine!

- Steel Cut Oats 500g was Healthy Food Guide Magazine Awards NZ – BEST BREAKFAST CEREAL Winner.

Sustainability Aspiration


 Harraway and Sons Limited conducts business according to the principle of corporate responsibility,
that is we assume responsibility towards our customers, business partners, employees, the
community and the environment.

To illustrate that the company is truly ‘walking the talk’, below are some examples of action taken:
1. Packaging.  Over 50% of “Harraways” branded product range is currently packaged in recyclable,
non-single use plastic. The company is also actively working with its packaging partners on projects
aimed at maintaining packaging performance, yet further improving its recyclable packaging
footprint over time. In 2019 the company introduced a market first too with compostable packaging to the convenient oat


2. Utilising sustainable fuel sources and reducing waste.  The company aspires to fully utilise its

grain by-product in both fuelling aspects of its factory process, alongside introducing consumer
concepts that are derived from factory created grain by-product. The company, for example, uses up
some grain by-products in fuelling its factory furnace each day. The company’s aspiration is to send
less and less waste to landfill over time
3. Supporting local communities, trade customers and consumers.  For over 150 years now,
Harraway & Sons Limited has traded with local farmers, employed locals at our mill, supported
a significant number of worthwhile community projects and it has helped to fuel many consumers’
lives with its high quality, nutritious oats, cereals and flaked grains. This has been achieved via an
an extensive network of valued trade customers and business partners
All this demonstrates that the company is totally committed to a sustainable business approach –
past, present and future.

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