Sustainability Aspiration

Harraway and Sons Limited conducts business according to the principle of corporate responsibility. This means that it assumes responsibility toward its customers, business partners, employees, the community and the environment.

To illustrate that the company is truly ‘walking the talk’, below are some examples of action taken by Harraway and Sons Limited:

  1. Packaging.  Around 50% of “Harraways” branded product range is currently packaged in recyclable, non-single use plastic. The company is also actively working with its packaging partners on projects aimed at maintaining packaging performance, yet further improving its recyclable packaging footprint over time
  2. Utilising sustainable fuel sources and reducing waste.  The company aspires to fully utilise its grain by-product in both fuelling aspects of its factory process, alongside introducing consumer concepts that are derived from factory created grain by-product. The company for example uses up some grain by-products in fuelling its factory furnace each day. The company’s aspiration is to send less and less waste to landfill over time
  3. Supporting communities, trade customers and consumers.  For over 150 years now, Harraway & Sons Limited has employed locals, supported a significant number of worthwhile community projects and it has helped to fuel many consumers’ lives with its high quality, nutritious oats, cereals and flaked grains. This has been achieved via an extensive network of valued trade customers and business partners

All this demonstrates that the company is totally committed to a sustainable business approach – past, present and future.