Latest Health Facts


Dr Dan Rutherford, GP, NetDoctor

Fibre is an important component of a healthy balanced diet. We get fibre from plant-based foods, but it's not something the body can absorb. Read More

Information on the Gluten Contained in Oats

Gill Keuskamp, President, Coeliac Society of New Zealand (Inc)

“It’s unwise for us to ever ‘recommend’ oats. While some Coeliacs can tolerate oats, 20% cannot and would get sick.” Read More

Cholesterol Facts

Many people have too high an intake of cholesterol and an oversupply of cholesterol is dangerous. An increase in soluble fibre may help lower cholesterol absorption levels. Read More

The Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

Both GI and GL refer to the speed and extent to which carbohydrate from food is converted into blood glucose by the body. The presence of fibre in foods lowers the GI; processed foods tend to have a higher GI than wholegrain foods. Read More