Are your oats chemical defoliant (e.g. glyphosate) free?

Harraways goal is to achieve zero glyphosate levels which is only achievable with the continued support and effort from contracted local growers. From 2019, Harraway & Sons Limited (Harraways) New Zealand grower contracts have included a clause stipulating no treatment with chemical defoliants and/or glyphosate, which is further supported by Harraways management undertaking frequent farm visits and participation at oat field days to educate growers on the subject.


For locally farmed oat skus, Harraways also undertakes frequent testing of its’ finished product to ensure the integrity of this policy, with accredited laboratory test results confirming that Harraways local oat products are below ANZ permissible levels.


At this point [for locally farmed, Harraways branded oat skus] Harraways cannot provide an assurance of zero levels - as is its’ aim. This is because Harraways’ local grower’s farms are exposed to neighbouring properties and therefore spray residue and cross contamination is possible. This factor is out of the local growers’ control. Harraways “Organic” branded oats skus (Organic Rolled and Organic Wholegrain 800g) are ‘Bio Gro’ Certified - which means there is a guarantee of zero chemical defoliants (e.g. glyphosate). 


These oats do come from Australian and/or Canadian Certified Organic farms and

are indeed more expensive per bag. This higher price per 100g is driven by the organic farming practices that drive - lower oat yields from the farm versus non-organic varieties, higher running/compliance costs and a more expensive freight component (being imported). These organically grown, BIO GRO certified oats are indeed carefully packed by Harraways here in NZ.