Where can I purchase bulk oats or other bulk milled cereals crafted by Harraways in Dunedin?

Harraways operates a B2B, wholesaling model presently whereby it only sells large bulk cereal orders directly to: Supermarket retailers, domestic health food retailers, foodservice distributors and agents, export brokers and other commercial food entities using oats/other flaked wholegrains within their added value/branded ranges.

We would advise that you contact two re-selling organisations that Harraways works with and look at their purchase pricing, minimum qtys, payment terms and range. They may be able to assist on a direct purchase for Harraways bulk oat & cereal products*. The two businesses are:

Davis Food Ingredients: https://davis.nz/

Bin Inn: https://www.bininn.co.nz/cereals-and-condiments

* Please note that there can be situations and/or areas where a certain branch of the above organisations may not stock Harraways products. To be sure we suggest checking carefully with the branch concerned